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ROE-230 Eng Sub. My daughter’s boyfriend tempted me, and now I can’t break free from the addictive affair and the forbidden pleasure it brings.

Description: ROE-230 English Sub – This is Shoko Matsumoto’s First Release After Transferring To MONROE. Karen introduces her boyfriend Kazuya to her mother, Shoko. Upon hearing a rumor about Kazuya’s promiscuity, Shoko decides to confirm it. When they are alone, Shoko casually invites Kazuya out, but he misinterprets her intentions and forcefully advances on her, disregarding her protests. Shoko, who has been neglected by her husband for a long time, succumbs to her pent-up desire for a younger man and passionately desires Kazuya. Despite feeling guilty for her daughter, Shoko cannot resist the temptation.

Categories: Affair, Cuckold, Drama, Married Woman, Mature Woman, Solowork


Actress: Matsumoto Shouko

Date: June 27, 2024