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ROE-206 Eng Sub I saw my friend’s mother whom I had a crush on working in a massage parlor. The unexpected encounter – Maki Tomoda

Description: ROE-206 English Sub – Manabu was secretly in love with Maki, the mother of his childhood friend Makoto. He confesses his feelings to her when she comes of age, but he is rejected without a second thought. He decides to shake off his growing feelings for her and goes to a married women’s soap…. To his surprise, he is greeted by Maki, who works as a soap operator. Naturally, he asks her to change, but Maki, overcome by his desperate request, accepts him as a customer…. Since then, Manabu has been seeking her not only at the bar, but also at home, where he spends his days having sex with her wherever he goes….

Categories: Married Woman, Mature Woman, Massage


Actress: Maki Tomoda

Date: March 14, 2024
Cast: Maki Tomoda
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