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ROE-203 Eng Sub A wife who became a submissive servant in place of her shoplifting daughter – Maki Tomoda

Description: ROE-203 English Sub – A mother, Maki, comes to a convenience store after receiving a report that her daughter, Emma, shoplifted. The store manager, Hajime, tolerated her without reporting it to the police because it was her first offense. A few days later, however, Maki is informed that she has shoplifted again, and she apologizes to Hajime. Immediately after Hajime sees Maki’s ample breasts as she apologizes, he sends Emma home, saying he wants to talk to her alone. He then asks her to present him with the merit to cover up the shoplifting, and Maki rolls up her own skirt with a look of shame on her face.

Categories: Big Tits, Married Woman, Mature Woman


Actress: Maki Tomoda

Date: March 14, 2024
Cast: Maki Tomoda
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Big tits Married Woman Mature Woman