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IPZZ-317 Eng Sub. The Seeds of Love You Gave Me Will Become Flowers in the Winter Night Sky. A story of a girl who is both innocent and a little lonely. Kana Momonogi

Description: IPZZ-317 English Sub – They say that fate can be altered by chance encounters. My life took a turn… from the moment I crossed paths with her on that chilly winter morning on the school rooftop, everything changed. “Kana” seemed so innocent, yet there was a hint of loneliness in her eyes… a hidden sorrow that she carried. Her complicated relationship with her uncle, her disbelief in love, her struggles with insecurity, jealousy, and anger… all led to that fateful night when they came together and true love blossomed. The AV director “Asagiri Jo” and the actress “Momonogi Kana” created a masterpiece of emotional and genuine drama. Their intimate scenes portrayed a deep connection and a selfless pursuit of pure love. “I’ll protect you! I’ll protect you!”

Categories: Beautiful Girl, Big tits, Blow, Drama, Slender, Solowork


Actress: Momonogi Kana

Date: July 10, 2024