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FSDSS-739 Eng Sub My Girlfriend, Who I Live With Found Myself Glued to Elisa’s Luscious G-cup Breasts

Summary: My girlfriend, who I live with, went back to her parents’ house for three days. My girlfriend’s friend Elisa came to check up on me so I wouldn’t cheat on her… Even though I knew it was wrong to cheat, I found myself glued to Elisa’s luscious G-cup breasts… “If I can hold back for two days, today and tomorrow… You can have sex with me on the last day ♡” I can only say “yes” to this unexpected proposal, and when I do, I end up in a tit-fuck hell… Aiming for sex on the last day, I hold back my ejaculation. On the last day, there was an explosion. Sperm that won’t go away no matter how hard you try to get it out, an erection that won’t go away. It doesn’t matter if I’m cheating or not… I’m obsessed with the G-cup breasts in front of me. To them… I’m sorry…

Description: FSDSS-739 I was teased and forced to ejaculate by her boyfriend during the 3 days my girlfriend was away. Elisa Kusunoki

Categories: Affair, Beautiful Girl, Big tits, Cuckold, Solowork, English Subbed

Actress: Kusunoki Erisa

Studio: FALENO

Date: March 25, 2024