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CAWD-656 Eng Sub. The story of a nerdy woman with large breasts who stays over often and trades manga reading for sex.

Description: CAWD-656 English Sub – Mayuki Ito, a lovely girl, enjoys reading manga and becomes intrigued by the local otaku nerd Yuki Yudzuru due to his extensive manga collection. Initially hoping for a romantic relationship, Yudzuru finds that Mayuki is uninterested and ignores him while engrossed in her manga. This leads to a purely physical arrangement, which eventually evolves as she begins to enjoy their time together.

Categories: Big tits, Drama, Facials, Gal, Solowork, Tsundere

Studio: KAWAII

Actress: Itou Mayuki

Date: July 1, 2024
Cast: Itou Mayuki
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Big tits Drama Facials Gal Solowork Tsundere