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[SSIS-007] A wife being fucked by her husband’s boss while he was away for 3 days

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[SSIS-010] My girlfriend’s friend was a beautiful fashion model, I was struck by her beauty, and while my girlfriend is away she gave me a hint that she likes me

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[AVOP-423] A cuckold girlfriend was having an affair with her boyfriend’s dad

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[SSIS-003] A beautiful married woman who wants to cheat her husband after two years of relationship and wanted to have sex with her ex-boyfriend

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[ADN-303] A flirty wife was banged by her horny father-in-law after being neglected by her husband

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[FSDSS-185] I was about to go home after I finish working late but I was caught in the rain so I decided to come back again in the office and she was saw by her fellow coworker drenched wet

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[ROYD-028] My sister-in-law was very naughty she wanna taste other man’s cock and she asked mine so many times

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[MIAA-373] A married woman who was fascinated by the strong cock of her husband’s father

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[ADN-291] A sexless married woman for 3 years got nailed by her neighbor in nonstopping daytime sex

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[ADN-296] A hardworking man who is working above his working hours just to be with his favorite female boss

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[ADN-299] A story of a married woman and her husband’s father who is much more experience that him

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[MEYD-660] I went on a brothel and I was surprised that my arrogant neighbor was working there

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[MEYD-663] My married office co-worker who took shelter in my apartment while the rain is heavy

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[JUL-473] A sweaty erotic sex with a busty married woman living next door

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[JUL-206] A wife’s young sister with huge milky breast will shower her milk for you

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[JUL-479] A lucky guy was booked with the same hotel room with his favorite lady boss Honoka

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[NSPS-974] A pleasure of a wife who went crazy over an old man

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[MEYD-595] A story of a wife who became really horny when her husband was away

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[STARS-342] A wife was fucked by her husband over and over again after she was caught cheating by her husband

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[IPIT-012] A beautiful blonde female employee shared the hotel room with her horny boss during their business trip

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